Pezband: Women & Politics (Frodis Records)


Women & Politics
Frodis Records

Women & Politics, the belated farewell by Power Pop legends Pezband, is a four-track slice of goodness that is just now finding its release to the world. Taken from the archives, it’s clear that even though the band had broken up, a great spark of inspiration still burned. Recorded in 1981, if this is the sound of a band that’s “washed up,” then….well, I don’t know how to finish that thought. Paragraph!

Okay, so, the songs are about…women (this IS Power Pop, after all!) and…yes, politics. It’s easy to forget just how political the musical world was in the early 1980s, and “Russian Tanks” is exactly that. It’s an Elvis Costello-quality commentary on the still very hot Cold War. “Who’s Everybody’s afraid of Russian tanks,” the band declares. Over samples of guns and explosions, it’s nice to be reminded of a time when our enemies we feared were abstract concepts and not tangible threats in our midst.

But this is Power Pop, so guess what? The other three songs are about girls. “Waiting In Line” is about a young woman who’s got a young man in confusion over her intentions and attention. “Office Girls” is dedicated to inter-office politics and that one lovely lass who has the office boys’ hearts all a’flutter. “Fab Girlfriends” is dedicated to the ladies who did win the fair heart of the Pezband boys, who keep the boys grounded as the world goes around.

It’s sad that Pezband didn’t survive or garner any interest with these four numbers, because these songs are hot—well-written, well-recorded rock at its finest. Oh well, better late than never, I s’pose…and apparently Pezband is somewhat active these days. So hey, go check ‘em out!

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