Song Of The Day: Colin Newman, “Alone”/”Fish 4″/”Don’t Bring Reminders”


When British punk band Wire split up, its members continued on unabated in their pursuit of musical experimentation. Frontman Colin Newman released his solo debut album, A-Z, in 1980, via Beggars Banquet, and the association would lead to Newman (as well as bandmates Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis) to sign to the fledgling 4AD label, as label founder Ivo Watts-Russell was a fan. The label would release two albums, 1981’s ambient soundtrack provisionally entitled the singing fish and 1982’s more conventional Not To. “Alone” would be covered by Ivo’s This Mortal Coil project, as well as feature in one of the more disturbing scenes in Silence Of The Lambs. All three of Newman’s solo albums are getting the deluxe reissue treatment via his label Sentient Sonics, each expanded to two discs all of which feature demos, unreleased home recordings, and alternate versions.

“Alone” (taken from A-Z)

“Fish 4” (taken from provisionally entitled the singing fish)

“Don’t Bring Reminders” (taken from Not To)


A-Z, provisionally entitled the singing fish, and Not To will be released 28 October via Sentient Sonics.

Preorder: Sentient Sonics 

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