Song Of The Day: Glen Campbell, “Galveston”

Flashback: Childhood. Alicia, Allen, Danny, and countless dozen storms unnamed and forgotten. A young man, nervous of the raging storms, the high winds, the thunder and lightning strikes, and the endless darkness and uncertainty. Fear in between the flicker of electrical power, will it go out or will it stay on? A respite. AM-1130. KWKH. 1490 AM. KGAS. 104.5 FM. KYKX. Country. Western. Salt of the Earth. Louisiana. Texas. The World. Seeking information. Seeking solace in good news. Hiding in the closet, fearing the wind. In between thunder claps and the incessant popping of electricity over the AM air, a tune of sympathy for our Southern neighbors, meaning one thing but in this case meaning another, “Galveston, oh Galveston,” the radio whispers, “I still hear your sea winds blowing…,” eliciting nostalgia for clearer, safer weather, blue skies and calming waters, this vision of better days propelled by gentle horns and strings and a voice, a voice,¬†that voice, one that falls silent today, but a voice assuredly living on in eternity, continuing to evoke memories of calmer times and gentler weather. RIP Glen Campbell.



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