Song Of The Day: Stas THEE Boss, “Before Anyone Else”


We recently wrote about how sad we felt when experimental hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction called it quits, but knowing that both ladies were equally talented meant that the world would be blessed with double the new music flowing from their creative minds. Now it’s time for the proper debut from Stas THEE Boss, and her new album, S’WOMEN, doesn’t fail to deliver. It’s a wispy album, eleven songs in twenty-three minutes, but it’s a captivating listen. Unlike her former partner’s Catherine Harris-White’s new 90s R&B-inspired Sassyblack project, Stas is continuing the weirder, more experimental side of things, with the eleven tracks built around familiar samples, manipulated tapes, and out-of-this-world rapping. There’s a tinge of heartbreak, with breakups being a predominant theme. Standout is “Before Anyone Else,” a gorgeous but melancholy track built around a manipulation of Missy Elliott‘s “Beep Me 911.”  But if you like your hip-hop weird, psychedelic, and mind-expanding, S’WOMEN is a great little treat.


S’WOMEN is available for free download.

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