Song Of The Day: Randy Crawford, “Give Me The Night” (Chill Night Mix)

When veteran jazz and soul singer Randy Crawford released  Naked And True, it came at a time of career uncertainty. She’d had a modest career in her native America, but her contract with longtime label Warner Brothers had ended with her previous album, the appropriately-titled Don’t Tell Me It’s Over. Undaunted, she went into the studio and recorded Naked And True, which found her taking on superb covers of contemporary numbers, including an enjoyable take on Prince’s “Purple Rain” and Simply Red‘s “Holding Back the Years.” But it was the “Chill Night Remix” of George Benson‘s classic “Give Me The Night” that shone brightest, its downtempo electronica accompaniment fitting perfectly with her drop-dead gorgeous singing. It was a popular radio tune, and rightly so; the song helped propel Naked and True to near the top of the charts. It’s also a perfect song to kick off your weekend, no?


Naked & True: Expanded Edition is available now via Big Break Records.

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