Song Of The Day: Brücken/Froese, “Whispers (of) Immortality”

Claudia Brücken will rightfully be remembered as the distinctive vocalist for 1980s German pop group Propaganda. Though their existence was relatively brief, their material was highly regarded at the time and are now considered to be one of the foundational groups of the 1980s European electronica/ pop movement.  For Beginn, she collaborated with producer Jerome Froese, son of Tangerine Dream‘s Edgar Froese, and an accomplished ambient musician in his own right. Brücken’s voice fits naturally within his soft, hazy melodies, and nowhere is this collaboration better than on “Whispers (of) Immortality,” a delicate piano ballad tempered with thoughtful and reflective lyrics gently spoken. With a melody that pays homage to Prince‘s classic “Purple Rain,” “Whispers (of) Immortality” is one of the most beautiful songs you will hear all year. Not surprising, though, as Beginn is one of the most beautiful albums you’ll hear in 2018.

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