Song Of The Day: Geniuser, “Monkey”

The latest video from the amazing album I Am by Geniuser (the long-running project of Michael Allen, former front man of The Wolfgang Press) is an absolute stunner. “Monkey” is a brief number that deals with the issue of addictions, but the video for it is easily one of the best short films of 2018. An incessant industrial rhythm chugs along while Allen relates a litany of sins, all while an inexplicably alien landscape world is paraded in front of you in stark black-and-white with occasional flashes of color. This strange and disturbing scene is very reminiscent of early David Lynch, but we were especially reminded of Brothers Quay, and the duo’s work with Allen’s former label mate, His Name Is Alive. Addiction is never pretty, and neither is this video, which has helped to seal my belief that  I Am is easily one of the best albums of the year.

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