Song Of The Day: Ex:Re, “Romance”

Elena Tonra, front woman for the British electronica duo Daughter, decided to channel her feelings from a recent break-up in song, and while we feel her pain, we’re also not going to deny the beauty that has resulted. Her self-titled debut album as Ex:Re (pronounced as “x-ray”) is a work of stunning and subtle beauty. The breathy cooing and seductive pulse of lead single “Romance” reminds us of an absolutely fantastic but obscure 4AD-related band from 25 years ago called Insides, and Tonra’s singing voice is a dead ringer for Insides vocalist Kirsty Yates. (interestingly enough, Insides played their first show in over two decades last week and are preparing a comeback album.) Ex:Re, which is released today, is a beautiful album that’s worth seeking out.


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