Song Of The Day: American Football, “Silhouettes”

Twenty years ago, when I received the self-titled album by Mike Kinsella’s band American Football, I never would have guessed they would’ve become a seminal band in the emo movement. After all, it arrived with the knowledge that the band had disbanded and that Kinsella had formed a similar solo project named Owen. But grow it did, resulting in a reunion tour, a well-received reissue of the debut, and a comeback record that was critically acclaimed and commercially successful, even performing quite well on the Billboardcharts. Album number three, American Football, seems even more promising, if lead single “Silhouettes” is any indication. It’s an epic number that opens with a dreamy, ethereal instrumental passage that fades into a gorgeous ballad.  Though it’s not out for another two months, this track has definitely piqued our interest and we are looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.


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