Song Of The Day: Neil Hamburger, “Little Love Cup”




We are living in perilous times, and no one knows this better than America’s Funnyman, the one and only incomparable Neil Hamburger! He’s a man of love, a man of vision, and he as a man who gives nothing less than 100% of his heart and soul to the world around him. His latest album, Still Dwelling, comes out today, and it is being billed as the biggest comeback in music history since Elvis Presley‘s 1968 special. (Unfortunately, the network television special he was supposed to have last month was canceled in favor of a rebroadcast of A Charlie Brown Christmas, but thaaaaaat’s his life!) ¬†Much like that glorious and iconic Elvis show, Hamburger was set to conclude the special with an inspirational song of hope. Thankfully, you can now enjoy that performance and that song, thanks to the fine people who have released the soundtrack to that long-lost special, Still Dwelling, which is out today! From the looks of the video, it’s a damn shame the world didn’t get the chance to see him shine. It’s an amazing performance from one of the greatest of all time. Enjoy, but have the hankies ready, as the powerful performance and message will overwhelm you with its beauty.

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