Song Of The Day: Oscar DeLaughter, “You Don’t Know”


We must admit we’re not impressed by 99.9% of self-styled bedroom pop producers, but when someone comes along with a creative sound and fresh arrangements, we’ll definitely listen. Such is the case with Dallas-based Oscar DeLaughter. Fresh out of high school, he is a young man with obvious compositional talent and singing ability, and his recently released five-song debut EP finds him showing his ability in a range of sound ranging from mellow groove to catchy rock.  Normally, a record with each song being stylistically different than the next is indicative of an identity crisis, but when each song is strong enough to stand on its own merits, it’s clear that you’re dealing with someone very special. He has a soulful voice, and while there’s a definite pop/ hip-hop/soul vibe to all of the songs here, I’m personally fond of “You Don’t Know.” I like the song because he has taken his pop sensibilities and applied it to a psychedelic rock accompaniment, and it doesn’t feel forced. At. All. As evidenced here, DeLaughter could take his sound any number of directions, but the result would still be the same––superb music.

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