Song Of The Day: The Prodigy, “Charly”

We were quite saddened to learn of the sudden death of Keith Flint, the flamboyant dancer and frontman of The Prodigy. Flint would take a more prominent role in the band when their 1996 single “Firestarter” when his first vocal turn helped to deliver a smash  international hit. Though I only saw them one time, I was fortunate enough to meet Keith. He hadn’t quite transformed into the menacing imp character he would soon become known for, but I did find him to be a funny and gracious fella, friendly with a keen sense of humor. A tweet I saw yesterday summed up the good spirited guy I met back in the day:


The Prodigy released a lot of music over the last 28 years, but my favorite has to be their introduction to the world, the fun and underrated “Charly.” Using a public service announcement aimed for children from the 1970s, the childlike innocence of the sample fits nicely over the relentless techno beats. It’s a stunner  that still sounds great today.

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