Song Of The Day: L’épée, “Ghost Rider”

Although there are very few details as to when it will appear, over the weekend Anton Newcombe dropped the third sample of his new band, L’épée, which features vocals by French actress Emmanuelle Seigner and the husband-and-wife psych rock duo The Limiñanas. “Ghost Rider” sounds as you would expect; it’s a trippy, hazy rocker, with Seigner’s sunny vocal style adding a unique element to the more dark and foreboding music behind her. Personally, she reminds me a bit of Margo Guryan with just a hint of Nancy Sinatra and Ann-Margret to boot. Newcombe is in a very fertile creative period, and It goes without saying we are definitely looking forward to this debut album.

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  1. I hate that this song has been taken down

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