Song Of The Day: His Name Is Alive, “Because Piano”

Ever since we heard their 4AD Records debut Livonia way back in 1991, we’ve been in love with the dark genius of Warren Defever and his ongoing and ever-evolving band, His Name Is Alive. He recently announced a delightful gift for all his fans, All The Mirrors In The House (Early Recordings 1979-1986), a compilation of the earliest and most primitive recordings he’s ever made–predating even the earliest stuff available on super-limited releases and the fantastic King Of Sweet compilation. When they say early, they mean it; we’re talking about stuff from the ten year old child genius. We have no idea how it sounds, but this first taste, “Because Piano,” is a beautiful, haunting solo piano recording that sounds remarkably like his earliest HNIA output. We’re excited about the rest of the album, but this taste is quite generous.


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