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Song Of The Day: The Ocean Blue, “Kings And Queens”

We’re most excited to hear that there is a new album from Pennsylvania indie-pop stalwarts The Ocean Blue, and our excitement was only intensified when we watched the video to the album’s first single, “Kings And Queens.” There’s a certain return to a slicker sound that recalls their fantastic 1993 album, Beneath The Rhythm And Sound–and not just because of the opening line of “So sublime.” If that album captured the joy and frustrations of young adulthood, this “Kings And Queens” captures the bittersweetness of growing older and the uncertainty that goes with each passing day, and the harsh reality that no matter your stature in life, your fate is still the same. The point is hammered home with an equally fantastic video, with plenty of references to The Seventh Seal. Both song and video ¬†are welcome new additions to their catalogue, and both whet our appetite for the album proper.


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