Song Of The Day: The Membranes, “Deep In The Forest Where The Memories Linger”

Earlier this summer, veteran British post-punk band The Membranes released What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away, their second album proper since reforming in 2009, and it is a stunning collection of angry, abrasive songs that correlate love with nature. (We first became enthralled with such a theme a decade ago with Dallas-based the pAper chAse‘s final album, Someday This Will All Be Yours, Vol. 1.) “Deep In The Forest Where The Memories Linger” is the song we keep coming back to, attracted as we are to the climactic nature that builds up to intoxicating heights.  Sounding like Nick Cave fronting a gospel choir performing a demented Sergio Leone score to a hellish Morricone showdown, it’s hard not to delight in the industrial blues dirge that seemingly lasts longer than its six minutes. Vocalist John Robb cries out from beyond the grave and beyond whatever level of the underworld his muse currently resides in, making for a joyously wicked listen. Ignore at your own peril, mortal…



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