Song Of The Day: Sha Na Na, “Get A Job”

Imagine: you’re coming down off of a groovy three-day high. Somewhere between stoned and sober, half-asleep and half-alive, you’re realizing that soon you will have to return to reality. You’re a changed person–or so you’d like to believe–because what you’ve experienced is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…and you likely never will again. As you’re taking in all of this really heady, really cerebral dawning of a new age of cultural experience, you’re suddenly hit smack dab in the face with the sound of an older, more uptight, and most certainly not with-it music, commanding you to get a job. Sha Na Na didn’t offer you any kind of advice with the song that kicked off their set–and led into the final hours of the festival–they simply threw a sonic spanner in the works as the penultimate performers of this great and wondrous three days of peace and love and music…



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