Song Of The Day: Madison McFerrin, “TRY”


Normally, we’re not big on “message” songs, but we’re making an exception for Madison McFerrin‘s new track, “TRY.”  See, in 2016, she was asked to perform the National Anthem for Hillary Clinton–which is both an honor and an undeniably high-pressure gig, especially for a young artist establishing herself. Unfortunately, what was already probably nerve-wracking for her was made worse by a backing track that apparently someone forgot to press play on when she started singing. Professional as she is, she soldiered on, even though the confusion is obvious and it throws her off her game. (Here is video of the performance, so you can draw your own conclusion about it)

Normally, one would have written this performance off as an off night, but rapper Snoop Dogg was quick to post a video mocking her, which then went viral. Game over for a young woman’s career, having her worst performance being routinely mocked and ridiculed, right?


Well, McFerrin–who literally carries the mantra of “don’t worry, be happy” in her DNA–took those lemons and she made one hell of a delicious lemonade with it. The video to her new single “TRY” is an outright positive repudiation of the negativity and unfair hate that she received as a result, and honestly, as it’s our introduction to her music, we could not think of a more delightful and brilliant way to shake that hate. Each tweet, each comment that she shares in the video is a victory over the negativity, and it’s hard not to find yourself rooting for her. It’s a fantastic way to reclaim yourself, and we’re really looking forward to hearing her forthcoming new EP, You + I.


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