Exclusive First Listen: Tino Drima, “The Actress”

In 2017, San Francisco’s Tino Drima released Her Kind Of Man, a delightful lush and somewhat eccentric debut  album that highlighted a bright new talent. Blending more sophisticated adult-rock with a punk sensibility and even a bit of a doo-wop vibe, topped off with the passionate vocals of frontman Gregory DiMartino. They’re set to release a long-awaited follow-up, a digital EP entitled Suitin’ Up. Though they promise that it’s a bit more of a stripped-down affair, don’t think for a second that they’re hedging on the great promise of their debut, because they aren’t. If anything, these tracks could have easily have been slipped into Her Kind Of Man, and not only would no one be the wiser, they’d have made a great record even better.   As for our selection today, it’s described as being about “getting yourself hyped up and saying ‘I deserve this, I have earned it, I am good enough, get out of my way, motherfucker.’” 

We couldn’t agree more.

Suitin’ Up will be released October 11th via Park The Van, and can be preordered here.

Check out Tino Drima online:

Tino Drima’s Facebook

Tino Drima’s Instagram

Tino Drima’s Bandcamp


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