Song Of The Day: Telefon Tel Aviv, “a younger version of myself”

Now this is an absolute surprise. In 2009, mere days after Chicago-based electronica duo Telefon Tel Aviv released their third album, Immolate Yourself,  co-founder Charles Cooper died suddenly. His partner, Joshua Eustis, opted not to carry on the name, instead going on to collaborate with a handful of musicians, most notably Nine Inch Nails and Puscifer. Though Eustis has hinted at new music as TTA over the past decade, nothing ever really materialized, and it seemed that the group was quietly retired–understandably so, considering its history. Thus it was quite a surprise to get a notification that a brand new album, Dreams Are Not Enough, was set for release later this month. Having heard the album, it’s a brilliant and beautiful continuation of the sonic landscapes the duo explored in their early years, yet it’s a record that sounds completely new and fresh. It’s also something of a conceptual piece, as it explores a recurring dream Eustis has had since childhood, the story of which is told through the song titles. The first single, “a younger version of myself,” is accompanied by a dark and melancholic journey through the night. It’s a welcome return from a group long thought lost.


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