Song Of The Day: Joel Paterson, “Because”

Guitarist Joel Paterson–from roots rockers Devil In A Woodpile–has taken on one of the greatest rock and roll bands of our time, The Beatles. But his approach is one of a more vintage nature; he has essentially paid tribute not only to the Fab Four, but also to the fantastic country guitar picker Chet Atkins, who famously released a fantastic Beatles cover album himself, Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles. For his album, Paterson visits the lads from Liverpool’s back catalogue and approaches it mostly chronologically, and with this being the 50th anniversary of their seminal final album Abbey Road, what better track to visit than “Because?” It’s a simply dreamy affair, with Paterson turning the song’s harmonies into a lulling guitar melody. Beatles tributes are always iffy, but Paterson pulls it off with aplomb, making for one of this year’s more delightful and unique releases.

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