Song Of The Day: Longwave, “If We Ever Live Forever”

Reunions are dicey propositions, but when done right, they can be truly wonderful things. That’s how we feel about the return of New York’s Longwave, a band who appeared at the beginning of the new millennium with a superb debut album, Endsongs, and who only got better over the three albums that followed–even though, alas, they existed in the shadows of other bands in their New York scene. But the announcement of their return was one we excitedly welcomed, and so far the singles from their forthcoming album If We Ever Live Forever have shown that they return as high quality as they were when they left. On the title track–a driving modern rock number that would have been a hit back then and still feels like a hit now–frontman
sings with the same passion and sincerity as he did nearly twenty years ago, and the smile on his face throughout the video shows that this reunion is a happy one. Looking forward to the full length, fellas.



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