Song Of The Day: Jason James, “Foolish Heart”

Jason James looks the part. With his cherub cheeks, slicked back hair, and Western bow tie, you would think he’s a vintage Country & Western crooner transplanted in the 21st Century. Well, guess what? He fits that role nicely, and his sophomore record, Seems Like Tears Ago, sounds like a wonderful amalgam of the Bakersfield sound and Nashville’s golden era, and I’m pretty sure the young man from South Texas wouldn’t mind that comparison a bit. Personally, I’m fond of the gorgeous “Foolish Heart,” where he takes all of the elements of classic Country–pedal steel, piano, fiddle,and  a bit of a yodel–and makes something that sounds positively contemporary. It’s an impressive feat, and Seems Like Tears Ago is a wonderful little record of delight.



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