Song Of The Day: Cigarettes After Sex, “Falling In Love”



Okay, confession time. I’ve purposely avoided this band because of its band name. It’s a very stupid name in my opinion, and considering their associations have been in the dance and underground world, I erroneously made the assumption they were just another dumb dance band or jokey rap collective or a European DJ or something along those lines.

Here’s my official apology. I was wrong.

The Brooklyn-by-way-of-El Paso group have been around for most of the decade, but have only now released their second album proper, Cry. The band’s most recent single, “Falling In Love,” blends gorgeous ambient melodies with some absolutely gorgeous sugar-sweet vocals from frontman Greg Gonzalez. With a beat that feels oddly reminiscent of The Cars‘ “Drive,” this is slowcore pop that is actually pop. I have no idea what the rest of their material sounds like, but for me, right now, listening to this song for the first time, I’m definitely intrigued…even if the band’s name is one of the most deceptively distracting and unfortunately chosen since Crispy Ambulance.

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