Song Of The Day: Penguin Cafe, “Pythagoras On The Line Again”

Penguin Cafe is the project of Arthur Jeffes, the son of the late Penguin Cafe Orchestra mastermind Simon Jeffes. When his father died suddenly in 1997, the unique musical experience was silenced, although various members have carried on playing together under different name. In 2009, after a tribute concert honoring his father’s 60th birthday, Arthur formed Penguin Cafe, in honor of–but not an intended replacement for–his father’s musical orchestra. Obvious similarities exist, and they may occasionally perform a PCO song live, but they’ve made several fine albums, including this year’s Handfuls Of Night. “Pythagoras On The Line Again” is a rare delve into reinterpreting and updating his father’s work; the original track, “Pythagoras On The Line,‘ was a brief little number with telephone dial tones and Casio bleeps that recalled PCO’s most recognizable compositions, “Telephone and Rubber Band.” This updated version fleshes out what was in essence an electronic sketch and transforms it into a meditative and outright dreamy piece of ambient music that recalls the best work of Harold Budd

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