Song Of The Day: Luke Haines & Peter Buck, “Jack Parsons”

Luke Haines Peter Buck

Oy, what’s this? A collaboration between Luke Haines & Peter Buck?  Furthermore, the duo has composed songs on some of the weirdest subjects imaginable? I’ll take it. Beat Poetry For Survivalists, the duo’s debut album, is due this March via Omnivore and Cherry Red. How does it sound? Well, it sounds amazing. The first single, “Jack Parsons,” offers a fine tribute to the rocket scientist and Aleister Crowley associate. Additionally, with lyrics describing Parson’s peccadillos and his unique personality, this is less a retelling of his story than a tribute from an admiring fan. Buck and Haines concocted a delightfully funky melody to accompany the tale, and it’s hard to resist this song’s charm; if you love this, then just wait until you hear the whole thing.

Preorder Luke Haines & Peter Buck Beat Poetry For Survivalists:  Omnivore Recordings / Cherry Red

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