Song Of The Day: Soul Asylum, “If I Told You”

Soul Asylum

If I told you that “If I Told You” by Soul Asylum is an enjoyable return to form from a band unfairly maligned thanks to its one moment of glory, would you believe me? Answer: yes, you should. The second single from their forthcoming album Hurry Up & Wait, it’s a blast of pure So-Cal Laurel Canyon-flavored country rock. Though initially the play on the 70s-era rock cliché “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me,” might cause an initial eye-roll, don’t let it put you off. Dave Pirner’s always had a way with a clever turn of phrase, and “If I Told You” is no exception. The humor helps to hide a more melancholy tale, though; we found ourselves coming back to this number again. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing what Soul Asylum has to offer.

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