Song Of The Day: Son Of Man, “Auto Devotion”

Son Of Man

State of Dystopia, the new album from Welsh rockers Son Of Man, couldn’t be more aptly titled. The band got together a few years ago when several members of Man decided to carry on together. Their sound is no-nonsense rock and roll, overloaded with talent and lacking in pretense.  Son Of Man harnesses the swagger of The Who and Van Halen with the hard crunch of AC/DC, whilst not necessarily sounding like any of said bands. Admittedly, choosing a selection for song of the day proved hard, as every track is a winner. So we’re going with “Auto Devotion,” a hard rocker that best exemplifies the melding of the bands mentioned above. This is hard rock for people who like hard rock for hard rock’s sake; they’re not reinventing the wheel, but they’re having a hell of a time tearing up the road with it.

Purchase Son Of Man State Of Dystopia: Esoteric Antenna / Amazon

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