Tag: Pop

3AM Eternal: Gerard McMann, “Cry Little Sister” (1987)

Major-label “goth” anthem from the 1980s, but it–and the film it came from–served as a gateway drug to a generation of Goth kids….

Rose McDowall: Cut With The Cake Knife (Sacred Bones)

This collection of songs-ostensibly recorded for the second, never-to-be-released Strawberry Switchblade album–are lovely pop numbers with a darker, more sinister side.

3AM Eternal: A Girl Called Eddy, “Did You See The Moon Tonight?” (2004)

Well, did you?

3AM Eternal: The Hussy’s “We Expected” (2007)

A fun little angry pop nugget from Scotland.

3AM Eternal: Jo Stafford, “You Belong To Me” (1952)

A simple torch song of love. Felt good to hear it last night, so I am sharing it simply because I can.

Halo James: Witness (Cherry Pop)

English pop trio Halo James’ existence was brief. A victim of circumstance and a label’s inability to understand how to market them would prove their undoing. This deluxe reissue highlights a lost pop gem from a band that deserved better.

3AM Eternal: The Motels “Suddenly Last Summer” (1983)

A sad song about remembrance that is a radio staple for a very good reason.

3AM Eternal: Brian Hyland “Sealed With A Kiss” (1962)

An endearing, enduring pop ballad classic about the end of the summer.

Various Artists: Here Today! The Songs of Brian Wilson (Ace Records)

The belated second volume of Ace Records’ tribute to Brian Wilson is a big heaping helping of great songs from a wide array of styles, proving the point that Wilson was and is one of the best modern pop composers of our time.

3AM Eternal: Madonna “Borderline” (1983)

Madonna would make her name with Like A Virgin, but this number, taken from her self-titled debut album, proved that she didn’t need to rely on persona to sell her records.