Tag: Twilight Music

Twilight Music: Piano Magic, “Halloween Boat” (1999)

A gorgeous, eighteen minute aquatic experience. Ladies and gentlemen, you are floating in water….

Twilight Music: Glenn Gould, Beethoven Piano Sonata 17, Opus 31, “Tempest” (1960)

Perfect music for a cool, fall evening….

Twilight Music: Love Unlimited Orchestra, “Love’s Theme” (1973)

Barry White’s side project was formed to allow him to stretch his creative muscles, and in turn, produced this great little number.

Twilight Music: Ives Ensemble, “Seven2” (1996)

This Dutch ensemble does justice to one of master composer John Cage’s final masterpieces.

Twilight Music: Stephen W. Tayler, “At The Edge of Light” (A Recoup Exclusive)

We are pleased to debut “At The Edge Of Light,” a song from veteran producer Stephen W. Tayler’s gorgeous new ambient work, Ostinato. Enjoy!

Twilight Music: Tomorrow’s People, “Open Soul” (1976)

What is soul, you ask?

Twilight Music: Tetsu Inoue, “Ambiant Otaku” (1994)

A hauntingly beautiful ambient composition from a Japanese master.

3AM Eternal: Dick Robinson And His Makebelievers, “The Boppin’ Martian” (1958)

Martian teenagers get bored. Martian teenagers come to Earth to hang with the cool kids. Need I say more?

Twilight Music: Gavin Bryars, “The Sinking of The Titanic” (1975)

Gavin Bryars’ ode to a lost luxury liner served as his debut album proper, and is a stunning work of art.

Twilight Music: Dub Syndicate, “No Alternative” (1991)

There’s no alternative but to fight…or to chill out to this groove…