Song Of The Day: Dave Wesley, “Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 Ceremony v1”

With today’s eclipse, why not delve into some music to fit with the dark yet cool natural groove? Dave Wesley is a composer who specializes in groove-laden ambient sounds steeped in dub, with a vibe that recalls the work of such names as Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell, Marconi Union, and Banco De Gaia. In other words, long, cool chill-outs that are never due. He’s prolific, too; his latest single, Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 EPv1 is just the latest in a digital 12″ subscription series, and if you like this–and it’s impossible to believe that you couldn’t–then you’ll find plenty more groovers like it on his Bandcamp page…

Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 EPv1 is available now via Arctic Dub

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