Song Of The Day/State Of The Union: Go-Kart Mozart, “When You’re Depressed”


It’s no secret that the last two months have been extremely challenging, disappointing, depressing, and heartbreaking for yours truly. A quick rundown of what happened: in January, shortly after a brief snowstorm, I was making the rounds to ensure that my well water pump was working and that my truck would start. After confirming these were working, I came back into the house to get out of the cold. Unfortunately, I did not realize that a layer of slush had frozen to the bottom of my shoe, and upon entering my house, I promptly slipped and fell, landing on my upper arm, resulting in a shattered humerus, a damaged collarbone, not to mention nerve and muscle damage incurred as a result of the emergency surgery that was required. I had to have a prosthetic put in, as well as titanium rods. As a result of this, I have temporarily lost the use of my right hand. I have not been able type since, and even though two months have passed, I am still far from healed.  I’ve had to teach myself how to compose and write using the dictation software on my MacBook. It Is a slow, sometimes frustrating process, but I am learning and improving day by day. You may notice some odd phrasing here and there; I do apologize for that, as I try to edit as I go along, but sometimes I miss things here and there.

But I don’t mean to lament my situation; it is what it is, irrespective of how I feel about it. I could feel guilty, remorseful, stupid––yes, that last one in particular––what does that accomplish? Absolutely nothing. So I’ve started to get back on the treadmill, I’ve been secretly conducting interviews with artists, and in April will start to bring these out to the forefront. I’ve also been listening to a lot of music, both new and old. Furthermore, I’ve been listening to quite a lot of BBC radio plays; I discovered that with my downtime I’m prone to watching videos and movies and while those are satisfying in the short-term, they drain the mind of creativity. It requires your imagination to fully appreciate a radio play, and I think from here on out I will try to present at least one or two a week. I’ve really enjoyed quite a few, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

One song I’ve heard recently has really stuck with me, because it is perhaps the truest and most accurate song I’ve ever heard about depression. This is especially true for me as of late; I’ve dealt with depression for years, but my sudden disability and the inability to write or use my hand has taken it to a whole new level. So when I recently received Mozart’s Mini Mart, the newest album from Lawrence’s band, Go-Kart Mozart, I instantly fell in love with the album’s first single, ”When you’re depressed.” Over a sunny, catchy, smile-inducing melody, Lawrence offers a litany of just what a person goes through when they’re in a depressive state. It’s completely nonjudgmental, matter of fact, and, in its own way, very reassuring. It’s reassuring in the way that it makes you feel I have someone else knows what you’re going through. If the essence of pop music is to create a song that is universal, enjoyable, and relatable to the listener, then he has succeeded masterfully.

Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that this is easily one of Lawrence’s finest pop songs.



I want to thank you for sticking with me through this difficult time. I have truly missed writing and publishing reviews and other things here; I’m going to do my best to be more regular in my publishing of content. I enjoy doing this too much to let it go, and quitting is not an option for me. I have faith in you, dear reader, and hope that you stick around with me through this frustrating and challenging time.

(I would also like to share with you that recently I had an in-depth interview with Lawrence that will be featured in the forthcoming issue of The Big Takeover, coming this spring!)

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