Song Of The Day: Justin Sweatt, “Touching From A Distance”

I received word this evening that my good friend Justin Sweatt, who records gorgeous synth-driven ambient, electronica, and EBM– Inspired music as Xander Harris, was injured in a serious accident today in New Orleans. I have known Justin for over 20 years, having met him when I worked at a record store and in a club in Lubbock, Texas. We hit it off, enjoying conversations about record collecting, indie rock, and anything else that suited our fancy. But like a lot of college friendships, moving away meant losing contact with each other; he moved to Austin, and I stayed in Lubbock. I was ecstatic to learn a few years ago that he was making music again, and making a name for himself through releasing quality records. In fact, we named his 2016 album California Chrome as one of our albums of note for the year––an award we still stand by, as it is a fantastic record. We were also fans of his follow-up album, 2017’s Termination Dust.

In order to help him out in his time of need, I sincerely ask that you visit his band camp page and purchase some of his music. He has released some excellent music, Music that is dark and enchanting in and haunting and groove-laden. But if you purchase his music, not only are you helping a friend who is in need, you are also going to receive some excellent music for your record collection. This is especially true if you are a fan of the  show Stranger Things; his music is very much in that vein, and he did help assist those who composed the first season soundtrack, as they were friends of his. But More than that, I’m extremely sympathetic to those who have bodily injuries that will directly impact their livelihood. I know this from personal experience; it is heartbreaking, frustrating, and hard to Have to walk away from the one thing you do best because you cannot physically do it.

For me, I’d like to highlight a track from his newest album, one that he is credited to his proper name, entitled Say Your Goodbyes. The track I like most is “Touching From a Distance,” which some will recognize as a reference to the classic Joy Division song “Transmission.” It’s a pay what you want release, but give it a listen and donate what you think is best.



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