Song Of The Day: Neil Hamburger, “Homeward Bound”

Death, destruction, disappointment, divorce, disaster, diarrhea, dyspepsia––Neil Hamburger has lived through all of the above and more, and that he has not only lived to tell the tale but also is able to take all of these things and make America laugh only increases our love and respect for him. But it’s not an easy life, being America’s Funnyman. It’s lonely at the top, and even being the best of the best can try your soul. It isn’t surprising that Hamburger gravitated towards the melancholic classic from Simon and Garfunkel for his amazing comeback album, Still Dwelling.  Even a world traveling jetsetter gets homesick every now and then, and Hamburger is no exception. You can feel the pain of his life while he sings this relatable song, as he longs to be heading back to his home in Paso Robles, even though he was evicted while on tour. So this April Fools’ Day, take a little time and say a little prayer for the hard-working and long-suffering comedians who give all of themselves every day at great personal sacrifice. Hamburger will be glad you did.


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