Song Of The Day: Bruce Hornsby, “Fractals”

Truth told, we haven’t kept up with Bruce Hornsby. Sure, we loved his work in the 1980s with his band The Range, but since then he simply took a low-key approach to his career, a talented fellow who happily kept making his music for his devoted following after mainstream attention moved on. We were also aware he had recently been rediscovered by such artists as The National and Bon Iver, but that didn’t necessarily impress us, either. Absolute Zero, his latest album–and his first solo album proper in twenty years–is a whole new ballgame. It’s quite experimental and weird, an interesting hybrid of modern classical, folk, and jazz that sounds far removed from his 80s pop phase. “Fractals” is a song we instantly fell in love; its frenetic piano melody sounds like Glenn Gould playing Erik Satie, with David Byrne sitting in on vocals. It’s that good.

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