Tag: Deep In The Heart of Texas Music

3AM Eternal: Tripping Daisy “My Umbrella” (1992)

One of the best Dallas bands ever, Tripping Daisy always had fun, interesting things to say, and this, their debut video, rightly won the hearts of the viewers.

3AM Eternal: The Stamps Quartet “Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Old Brother Noah”

A fine live performance from one of the most important–and longest running–gospel quartet of our time.

3AM Eternal: Barry White “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” (1973)

One of the all-time sexiest songs came from the voice of Galveston native Barry White. You know what you need to do.

3AM Eternal: Asleep At The Wheel Remembers The Alamo (2003)

A fitting tribute to the heroes of the Alamo, which fell 189 years ago today.

3AM Eternal: Southwest F.O.B. “Smell of Incense” (1968)

The low-key beginnings for one of the soft-rock kings of the 1970s began here, with this little psych-rock band.

3AM Eternal: Townes Van Zandt “If I Needed You” (1972)

The Late Great Townes Van Zandt would go high, low, and in between for the sake of the song. He did just that here, on one of his finest compositions.

3AM Eternal: The Dicks Hate The Police (1980)

This three-song EP by Austin hardcore band The Dicks was one of punk’s finest debut releases, and the state’s first major contribution to hardcore.

3AM Eternal: Gene Autry “Deep In The Heart of Texas” (1942)

This month, we’re going deep in the heart of Texas Music, and we hope y’all join us for this exciting look at the diverse music history of the Lone Star State!