Tag: Misunderstood

3AM Eternal: Teenage Fanclub “Like A Virgin” (1991)

The story of the mediocre contractual obligation that really wasn’t.

3AM Eternal: Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music (1975)

No list would be complete without this one, would it?

3AM Eternal: The Fat Boys featuring The Beach Boys “Wipe Out” (1987)

You’re either going to love it or hate it. And I happen to love it.

3AM Eternal: Brian Wilson “Smart Girls” (1989)

…I got nothin’.

3 AM Eternal: Hillsong United: The White Album Project (2014)

“Woe to you that take evil for good and good for evil!”

3AM Eternal: Jan & Dean: Save For A Rainy Day (1967)

What was intended to be a measure to keep their duo alive during a crisis, Dean Torrence’s into Pet Sounds-style pop was hated at the time–but is now considered a classic, for good reason.

To Be Alone Must Surely Be Like Paradise For You: Yum Yum’s Dan Loves Patti

The Recoup’s Tim Hinely has a lot of love for the heartbreaking orchestra pop of Yum Yum’s sole album.

3AM Eternal: The Pandoras “Run Down Love Battery” (1988)

All-girl garage rock band in Major Label Attempt To Turn Them Into Heavy Metal Chicks shock!

3AM Eternal: Kevin Rowland “The Greatest Love Of All” (1999)

Kevin Rowland’s 1999 solo album was an astonishingly beautiful album of well-chosen covers, but was doomed because of that album sleeve…

3AM Eternal: The Rods “Do Anything You Wanna Do” (1977)

What happens when a band releases a song featuring one of Satanism’s greatest prophets in a rather hilarious pose?