Tag: Misunderstood

3AM Eternal: Jawbreaker “Fireman” (1995)

The band seen as Punk rock’s biggest sellouts’ major label corporate sellout album would soon become the template for modern “pop punk.”

Do What Makes Your Heart Hurt Less: The Story of The Paladins’ Million Mile Club

The story of how an album released out of love for a band caused the beginning of the end of a special relationship between a record label, its founder, and its fans.

3AM Eternal: Wings “Mary Had A Little Lamb” (1972)

Paul McCartney confounded critics and fans alike with the choice for his band Wings’ second single.

3AM Eternal: The Danielson Famile “Rubbernecker” (1998)

“They can’t possibly be Christian! They’re too WEIRD!”

3AM Eternal: Blur “Tender” (1999)

Blur’s 1999 album 13 was a bit of a shocker, a dark, melancholy affair, and was preceded by “Tender,” a maudlin, melancholy seven minute gospel ballad.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “The Little Girl I Once Knew” (1965)

This poorly-performing single was the first crack in Brian Wilson’s seemingly untouchable impenetrable reign as pop maestro.

3AM Eternal: Bon Jovi “Misunderstood” (2002)

A surprisingly wonderful late period Bon Jovi song, and an announcement of our intentions for 2015.